Translated Website Fact Sheets for Foreign Marketing - Barrier Free

Multilingual and Barrier Free Info shows Integration Awareness

When you have foreign clients, you want them to learn about your company in their own language.
Short, smart and organized.

With Multilingual and Barrier Free Website Fact Sheets you can reach out to new customers and create powerful PR and advertising campaigns in almost any foreign language.
Connect with foreign clients internationally and locally and show your integration awareness.

I have a Website, why a Multilingual Online Factsheet?

Multilingual helps Foreign Customers:
All your info is on a single Webpage in multiple languages.
Foreign customers get an overview of your business, products and services in their native language.
Each language links over to your main website.
The perfect addition to your existing web marketing.

Barrier-free feature helps Minority Groups:
• Seniors.
• Visually Impaired.
• Blind.
• Disabled.
• Poor Readers.
• Dyslexics.
• Foreigners.

We teamed up with international associations for the visually impaired, developing standard guidelines following WCAG 2.0 AA, which enables companies and organizations to meet barrier free requirements.

Who should have a Multilingual Barrier Free Website Fact Sheet?

Every company or organization who deals with international clients.
Chambers, CVBs, tourism & travel, manufacturers, city officials, communities & organizations, companies with international clients, who want to explain short and simple what they do and offer in a foreign language.

How do you create a Multilingual Barrier Free Website?

  • We create your Website Factsheet in English.
  • We manually translate it in any language you want to
  • Each Language is an extra page.
  • Each language page has an own country specific domain name.
  • Each language page has an own country specific SEO (search Engine Optimization)
  • With a foreign domain and SEO you will be found in other countries.
  • You get a password and can edit all language pages in one admin!
  • We build Barrier Free under Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.0.